About Me

Darrell Ingrum is a novelist, poet, book reviewer, literary analyst, and critic. A voracious reader of diverse literature and genres even from a young age, his completed novel, Tom vs. Hell, and one in work, Jim vs. The Devil, are maelstroms of genre influences, head-spinning prose, religious intrigue, laughs, and adventure careening readers toward the end of the world. Readers will never picture the coming Apocalypse in the same way!

Having been raised in hell-fire preaching Baptist churches in Kentucky, then thrust by the Air Force into Latter-Day Saints land, i.e., Utah and Idaho, as a young man, Darrell, who’d always been religiously and spiritually curious and inquisitive, became even more so regarding the true natures of God, Heaven, Hell, and ultimate salvation. From that curiosity and, perhaps even more so, following his love of spiritually visionary music, books, and poetry, sprang his novels and poetry.

Although Darrell thinks and reads too much, he still seems to manage (for the most part!), along with his wife, raising five kids and a small cadre of dogs and cats in Idaho where they settled after 26 years in the Air Force and civilian service. Professors, friends, and MFA classmates have called his writing brilliant.

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