Terrible Tom vs. Hell’s Coliseum

Here’s a summary of my novel-in-work, but as you can see in the excerpt further below, there is so much more involved in this exciting, sprawling novel! Morris’s Story (Being the start of Tom’s father’s damnation) Crossing Shol Morris James awoke from his mortal demise in one of the usual waypoints for the dead andContinue reading “Terrible Tom vs. Hell’s Coliseum”

On Don Delillo:

Deconstructing DeLillo: Analysis of White Noise Using Psychoanalytic and Deconstruction/Post-Structural Literary Theories      Don Delillo is not fond of postmodern conceptions of reality, including Nietzsche’s nihilism and Derrida’s insistence there is no meaning in things other than “differance.” His novel White Noise reveals instead an affinity for the transcendental romanticism of late 18- andContinue reading “On Don Delillo:”