Tom vs. Hell

Here’s a summary of my novel awaiting publishing, but as you can see in the excerpt further below, there is so much more involved in this exciting, sprawling novel!

 In life Tom’s brother called him pipsqueak; classmates bullied him. Then a runaway truck changed everything. After another lifetime in Hell, Tom now hardly resembles his old self. With hat cocked to the side and bullets strung across his chest, he’s agreed to fight Satan’s champions in Hell’s Coliseum to earn freedom, if he survives. The crowd thunders “TERRIBLE TOM!” as he reloads. A gate slams open, from inside erupts a deafening roar, and Tom stands his ground for perhaps the last time. In Terrible Tom in Hell’s Coliseum, a western- and fantasy-tinged dark comedy, Tom finds love, courage, and finally…redemption. 

Morris’s Story

(Being the start of Tom’s father’s damnation) This is an excerpt called “Crossing Shol” from my upcoming novel, Terrible Tom in Hell’s Colosseum Morris James awoke from his mortal demise in one of the usual waypoints for the dead and damned—in one of the numerous small wooden shacks in Hell’s vast desert wasteland, Shol—with Wendy by his side. Although Satan often expressed to his top lieutenants his fondest wish that he could somehow snatch back the opportunity to feed the False Savior to his Minotaur, he hadn’t heard of him at the time. The charismatic rebel priest had not yet…

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